About Us

We cannot deny the true beauty of textured hair. Our hair is our heritage rooted deep in our skin, letting us know who we are, where we have been and where we are going.

Afro Hair Bar embraces all textured hair. We are dedicated to the idea that women of colour can revel in their hair. Afro Hair Bar is a registered company that was created in july 2021 by a group of melanated women with the vision to support all women of colour in their hair journey. Empowering ladies to change their look without feeling like they are changing who they are, embracing unique textured hair and showing it off with pride.

The black women behind afrocentric hair bar are just like you, we know fully well the joy and pain of curly, kinks and coils and know what is needed to achieve the perfect look and will stop at nothing to give the best product and education to you.

Further more, We understand that there are more than one type of textured hair among women of color, hence why we have different types of natural textured human hair in our hair extension line. Whether you are african, african-american, afro-latina, blasian, melanesians or a mixture of races, the goal of our company is to help you enjoy your textured hair to the maximum. providing the best quality human hair extensions and hair care products that best suit your hair texture. 

Our hair extension are ethically sourced from our honest and fair donor collection, we know exactly where hair comes from because we own the factory that process the human hair. our machine crafted process of hair wefting and extension making is uncompromising and we will never sacrifice our code of premium quality for any kind of gains for we know the difference between a make shift product and transformative product made with integrity and crafted to last more than 3 years.