Our Mission

Hair is beauty, Hair is power, Hair is identity, Hair is culture,

Our afro natural hair represents our cultural pride and ancestral root, it lets us know who we are, where we are from and where we are going. 

Afrocentric Hair Bar is here to help you enhance your love for your natural hair, no matter where you are in your natural hair journey. Your hair represents who you are and should be embraced

Born in 2021,  Afrocentric Hair Bar is a pan-african e-commerce hair company created by a group of black women in the city of Calgary, Alberta province, Canada due to societal hair discrimination of black women in North America . Our agenda is to have the next generation of black women embrace their unique natural hair and show off their natural hair with pride, without any limits or shame. Rather than conforming to societal ideals of hair and beauty.

We strongly believe in uncompromising who you are, that is, feeling proud while rocking a bantu knot; knotless braids, or your afro puff if you please. for we black women, are a blessing to this world and you and i should be allowed to represent your authentic self, live our best lives and fulfil our purpose.

Experience the look true to you with afrocentric hair bar. Our hair extensions and hair products is ethically sourced. We ensure all products on our website are made the right way, the premium way!!!... with several months of testing, supervision and adjustment before releasing on our website

Be Bold, Be Fierce, Be Graceful with Afrocentric Hair Bar.